I really love Paris!


Paris, the town many associate with romance and fashion. A place where people live an active life, and to tons of tourists come to get a little piece of it. This is the place where the woman of the week has her life, and she is a great ambassador for her city. She loves all it has to offer and spreads its culture, food and many more things in social media. Read and get inspired and perhaps you as well decide to book a trip there unless you already have enjoyed this fascinating place.

Name: Beatrice Lise

Age: 57

Occupation: Teacher

Family: Two (wonderful) daughters living too far from Paris

Lives in: Paris since more than 40 years

You are living in Paris, which many connects with an exotic and romantic town. How would you describe it yourself, and what attracts you as a resident?

I really love Paris. In 1978 when I arrived from my native island, Martinique, I was there only for my studies. I thought it was only for five years but I have never gone away since this September 1978!

Paris means a lot of things for me. First of all it means freedom. At any time you can find a place to go and have a great moment.

I grew up in a small town in West Indies where shops close at 5 PM and where there was only one cinema (and one film by night) and no theater. Newspapers were arriving from France one month after they were published so you imagine how exotic it was for me and how happy I was when I arrived in Paris.

Paris is also an "open roof" museum. As an open sky! You can walk among St Germain des Prés or Le Marais or by the little streets of Montmartre. You can see beautiful monuments and places. I feel almost the same as in some Italian cities like Florence or Rome. There are such beautiful places in Paris.

I can also stay on one of the bridges, looking the Seine River for a long time and feeling happy. I don't think I could live in another city.

Sometimes women say that they become invisible when being older. I get the impression that it is not like that in Paris and you are being seen and visible even as a mature woman.

Oh it depends of the way you live. The thing is that accumulating the years I am afraid of loosing my time. I am very conscious that I am in the second part of my life so I try to do a lot of things before I arrive at the moment I won't be able to do that.

I always think when I go to bed, generally at 1 or 2 am: oh I wanted to do that and I didn't have time today.

But all the Parisian ladies aren't like me. When I go on holidays in Spain I see senior people more active than in France; they go on the beach, in restaurants, in bars even when they are 75 years old. And when I look on Instagram I see it's the same in Australia or California for example, but in France majority of women doesn't. They only stay home taking care of their grand children and making cakes. When I will be a grandmother - if it happens - I would like to take them to a lot of place but certainly not keeping them home with a Disney program on TV!

You know, I even parade on the catwalk on a Senior Show two years ago. And next Saturday a photograph asked me to play in her film for Nikon Film Festival. I Am so excited! I am okay for all experiences.

You have something called a blogzine. What is that?

It's a web site where I present what I like in Paris, but also some other places. First when I began Zénitude Profonde it was only a blog where I was speaking about my shopping, the movies or the books I liked and also my feelings, a sort of diary. As I love speak about anything, it was great.

But as I said before, I always want to be where the events are. So I began to contact the press secretary of brands and theaters to ask about the press events, and I was invited to a lot of press presentation of fashion, cultural events, painting shows and so on.

So zenitudeprofondelemag.com has now a lot of headings: Beauty, Fashion, Cultural shows, events and health.

On your blogzine you are talking about many things, one is luxury. Do we need more of that in our lives you think?

I really love luxury! If I could I would by a lot of pretty things from Dior, Chanel or Hermès!

I think luxury gives you two things: the pretty thing you buy and also being confident. And actually people looks at you with another eye when you arrive in a Rolls Royce. Wouldn't you say so?

You mentioned that you are very conscious that you are in the second part of life. Being very active and taking care of the time, what would you say to all other women in their "second part"?

Never give up! The only advice that I could give is enjoy every moment of your life. It seems to be an evidence but many people - particularly women of my age and more - don't do that.

I think you always have to live the way and where you feel better. Sometimes you arrive in a place or in a reunion or anywhere and you feel immediately very bad. So you have to go away. Feelings are very often good advice!

Anyway it is very difficult to tell anyone advices to be well because all of us have different aspirations. For example, for me the best way to feel well is to try everything, to go everywhere, to see the more I can...

I think that, unfortunately, you never know when life ends, and so the only advice I use to give is enjoy every moment. Especially with your family and people you love and - even more important - who love you.

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